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  1. Brand your business: Proper branding of your business can have a very massive impact on your business. No matter how much big brands exists in your industry, with creativity, consistency and determination, you can create space for your brand voice to be heard in the market place.Good branding can make your organisation look bigger than it really is.Use a tagline that conveys the core value proposition of your business.
  2. Have a set out business goal: Creating a strategic goal and direction for your company and doing your best to stick to it. As a small business trying to stand its own ground in the market place, it is inevitable to adjust plans mid-stream just to survive. However, considering minimal changes in order to stay focused on the initial ideas & vision that got you this far is also important. Customers patronise consistency.
  3. Build a solid online presence: A neatly built SEO and user-friendly website with title tags that describes what every page is about.
    With a clean URL structure, high quality landing pages when necessary, high quality educational content on your blog (that people would want to read) and a strong call to action on your landing page to drive sales.
    Make sure your brand is properly displayed across all social media platforms for easy recognition.
  4. Build Email Database: A solid email database is one of the strongest assets of a business. In Nigeria for instance, there are all sorts of people everywhere who easily provide loads of email addresses for organisation. There is everything wrong with that because there is really no reason trying to market a product to an audience that isn’t familiar with your business.Build your own email database as your business grows. This isnt easy but it comes with its own rewards.People join your list because they are interested in what you have to offerYou can control your business offerYou can speak to potential clients directlyIt allows you to provide instant product or service updatesYou can use emails to ask customers for reviews of your services
  5. Reduce your business risks: It is necessary for small businesses to manage their growth and avert disruptions that can bring business to a grinding halt. Small businesses should review their business policies periodically in order to ensure that they have the right coverage.
    Mike DeHetre, vice president of product development at says that “It’s easy to forget this step amid rapid expansion, but you don’t want to find out that you’ve outgrown your coverage just when you need it the most.”
  6. Build Reliable Partners: The good thing about partnership is that you can have a partnership agreement with organisation of any size. This has numerous advantages.It puts some parts of your system on autopilot.It provides your business with promotional opportunities.It can open up sales channels that will generate enough revenue for you to expand into other areas.Partnership comes in different methods:Distribution of your own products with partnersRunning a joint giveaway with another companyPartnering with local businesses to offer a service to their customersPartner with companies to co-market each other’s mailing lists

    Integrating your product with others organisations so their customers can leverage your service

  7. Develop Your Management from Within: As you create and develop your small business, you will handle almost every department of your organisation by yourself. As things begin to improve, it might be very difficult to want to relinquish any of that decision-making and control to someone else but it is necessary. Trust your own judgment as you add skilled hands to your company and find a way to delegate increasingly meaningful job specifications and responsibilities so that at the same to you’re actually working toward upgrading your management.
  8. Build Personal Relationship With Your Clients: One to one relationships with other humans work. This builds trust and allows you to get to know your customers one on one. Make maximum use of social media to reach out to as much customers as possible. It shows a sense of concern and it works magic. Go beyond sitting behind the monitor screen and meet people one on one. The best way to foster and grow these relationships is through personal interaction.CAPREMARK NETWORK MEDIA GROUP
  9. Increase Your Networking Activities: Join an association.Attend ConferencesReach & respond to key industry influencer on social mediaJoin webinars & interact with people in your industryGive speeches wherever necessary and speak of your experiences. Learn from other also.Organise your own events increase your mentorship activities. Become influencers to other startups.
  10. Monitor Competitions and use your competitors Strategies: There’s plenty of ways that you can monitor your competitors to see what sort of activities they are investing their time in as it is a known fact that organisations spends more resources on things that work for them. Know your competition, see what they spend their resources on, evaluate the possible advantages and plan towards same activities. From promotional activities, conventional marketing activities to similar social media advertising plans. There is no limit to what you can try out.
  11. Make Use Of Social Media Advertising: From Promoting blogging platforms on your website, to making use of videos and animation short clips, there are no limits to how much sales one can attract through social media adverts.SEE THIS ARTICLE: Will Animations, Images & Videos Improve Your Business Sales?
  12. Impact Your Local Community: No matter how busy you are, you need to give back to your local community. Periodically offering free services and allowing people use your products for free or even just participating in events is an amazing way for publicising your business.ARTICLE HELP SOURCE: | | |

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