In Nigeria where I’m from, a lot of small business owners think they don’t need a website. Maybe their businesses are doing just fine or maybe they think they won’t benefit from it.

Some of them will go on and on about how they think they can’t afford it or its just way beyond their budget. I will give you some brief but justified reasons why you need a website and how you can benefit immensely from one

It Actually Saves You Money: If you run a business, you must think of how to make people learn about your products and services. How much does it take to make handbills, posters, and small advert materials? If you make these materials seasonally for 3 years, how much will it cost you before you reach your target market? On a website, all you need to do is display your products or services once. And that’s all. Once your materials are up, then you can begin to drive traffic to the website.

You Pass Information Faster: This stands as a brochure for your customers. In little time, you can update latest materials and inform potential buyers about new products or services. Outdated materials are taken out with the click of a button. Passing information about your products and services is one thing, showing off your portfolio and achievements are another. A good website designer can help you present your materials properly to your target market.

More Customer Exposure: There is no limit to the amount of customer your business can attract. With billions of people using the internet daily, you can expose your business to anybody at any corner of the globe. In recent times, over 80% of internet activities are carried out on smart phones. This means that anybody at anytime and anywhere can have your business information in the palm of their hands. With a very good and cheap digital media management plan, there is no limit to what you can achieve.CAPREMARK NETWORK MEDIA GROUP

Accessibility: Unlike offices that open and closes at a specific time of the day, your website is up 24/7. Any client form any time zone around the globe can have access to your business.

Marketing Opportunities: The internet has opened opportunities way beyond our imagination. Once your website has your business information, All you need is a good online marketing strategy to help you attract your exact target market.

Leverage: Unlike the 78’s & 80’s when you need a beautiful office and a big sign to introduce your business. Once you are equipped with the necessary business skill, mobile enough to meet up with clients and you have a properly designed website, you can come up shoulder to shoulder with already established competition.

Improves your customer relations:  You need to keep your clients updated about your products and services. A modern and user-friendly website today can have facilities such as FAQ, life chat, blog section for articles et al. with these tools, customers and clients are kept up to date with your business information.

Do not think you cannot afford a professional website today because you are a small business; the truth is that you cannot afford not to have one. At a very reasonable cost, you can get a professional website.

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